Power of Blockchain

Tokenization Benefits

The SPORTOFI platform aims to offer both buyers and sellers an opportunity to thrive in the sports Predict-to-Earn market with the help of a decentralized environment.

The given environment is known to rely on revolutionary Blockchain technology. SPORTOFI will use the state-of-the-art native token – referred to as the SPORTO Token - to help the bettors with the Predict-to-Earn platform for buying sports picks & cards.

The SPORTO token is a transparent and easy-to-use token that will be compatible with various other platforms, along with the SPORTOFI ecosystem.

Ensure A Safe

Adaptive Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are essentially digital contracts. When all matches in a bet have ended, the code is automatically executed. Once a Smart Contract is deployed, its terms cannot be changed.

Smart Contracts are crucial to prevent any kind of internal or external manipulation: once they are deployed on the Blockchain, there is no way for any party to change the terms and manipulate the bet. Human error is also impossible. After all matches have been played, the winners are paid out instantly using transactions controlled by the Smart Contract.

Smart Contracts are the key instrument to keep all bets on the SPORTOFI platform secure and transparent, as all bet data is permanently recorded on the Blockchain.

Why Sportofi?

The challenge

With major giants forming the line of the gambling industry, the overall pressure to maintain perfection during execution tends to be significant. Sportsbooks out there need to deliver the assurance that all the respective Predict-to-Earn data of the users is being delivered safely without any tampering and that all the given bets get resolved quickly & accurately.


Lack Of Transparency

Betting companies operate under a shade of secrecy, not letting customers know how odds are created or how much money is poured in. Some even manipulate odds after a game starts.


Security Concerns

Casual bettors are more interested in security than regular gamblers. The centralized nature of game providers makes all bettors vulnerable to external and internal attacks, putting players’ funds and financial information at risk.


Betting Limits & Low Returns

Due to payout-matching liability, operators limit players on how much they can bet. Faced with low limits and unattractive odds, bettors often seek higher returns in underground Betting.

Why Sportofi?

The Solution

Blockchain is the perfect technology to support this revolution in
Predict-to-Earn Game.


The whole process is fully decentralized, transparent, and self-regulating.


All financial movements are recorded, remain transparent and viewable for everyone.


Bringing about the element of trust in the not-so-trustable gambling industry.


Blockchain technology makes Sportofi possible to operate the network without a middleman.


The Disruptive Platform In The Sports Predict-to-Earn Space

  • With the decentralization of the data with the help of blockchain technology, data not only gets shared publicly, which helps in preventing illicit tampering, but it is also streamlined with respect to the data flow. To top it all, all of it gets accomplished at the fraction of the overall costs traditionally.
  • As market data is allowed to be shared with the help of an incentivized oracle-based network, bettors and oracles contributing data to the given network could be rewarded for the contribution of data. The given Predict-to-Earn ecosystem not only helps in rewarding oracles for the network’s contributions but also helps in providing the operators with a reduced cost. In turn, this allows them to redistribute the savings back to the bettors or into valuable promotions.


Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Sales Information

Project Name SPORTOFI
Total Token Supply 2,000,000,000
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Tokens Allocated For Sell 240,000,000
Token Value $ 0,007
Vesting Schedule: TGE Unlock 6%, 6 Months Cliff,
12 Months Vesting
Accepted BUSD

Token Sale Stage End In

Raised so far $960,000
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Minimum Purchase: $500
Strategic Investor :





Breakdown of our Tokenomics.

Download Documents

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Privacy Policy
2022 Q3
  • - Market Research
  • - Ideas Verification
  • - Team Forming
  • - Graphic Design
Early Sep 2022
  • - Landing Page
  • - 1st Ver. Whitepaper (EN Ver.)
  • - Partnerships Onboard
  • - Fund Raising – Strategic Investors
  • - Smart Contract Development
Late Sep 2022
  • - 2nd Ver. Whitepaper (EN, KR, JP Ver.)
  • - Office Partners Onboard
  • - Fund Raising – Strategic Investors
  • - Ongoing Smart Contract Development
  • - P2E Platform UX/UI Design
Oct 2022
  • - Final Whitepaper (Multi-languages applied)
  • - White-list for Public Sale
  • - P2E Platform – Beta Test
  • - Airdrop on Global Sites
  • - Community Development
  • - KOLs, VCs Onboard
Nov 2022
  • - SPORTOFI Official Launch
  • - The Secondary Token - $LUCK release
  • - World Cup NFTs Launch
  • - WorldCup’s Winner Prediction Program
  • - Mini-game applied
Q1 2023
  • - Token Lists On Tier-2 CEX
  • - Staking Program Launch
  • - Integrated More National Tournaments
  • - Sports Trading Exchange
Q2 2023
  • - Token Lists On Tier-2 CEX
  • - Farming Program Launch
  • - Integrated Games: MMA, F1, Esports, Cricket, Soccer
  • - Token Buybacks Program
Q3 2023
  • - Governance
  • - Integrated Cansino Games
  • - Contract Security Improvements
  • - Integrated More Games, Seasonal Tournaments
  • - More Global Tier-1 Partnerships Onboard
  • - Contract v2 Improvements & Additions
  • - Update new modern UX/UI
  • - P2P Games Applied
  • - Multichain dApp

Core team

The Spotofi Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Kamitaka Watanabe
CEO & CoFounder

-Has worked at Daiichi-Kangyo Bank as a System Development and Integration Manager (Present: Mizuho Bank).
-7 years of experience as President of a private company founded and managed by oneself.
-At the moment, he is the Founder and CEO of ilucksolution Co.,Ltd, where he is in charge of system development, application development, and block chain.

Takizo Iino
CBO & CoFounder

-Over 30 years of experience as a owner/manager in F&B in Japan and Vietnam.
-Since 2017, I have served as an executive advisor for many companies' marketing connections between Japan and other countries.
-Chairman of the BESS Corporation for Agriculture in Thainad
-As of 2020, he served as Director at KOH Co.,Ltd.

Harusama Kudo

- Previously worked as the Chief Manager at Yamashita Toshiro Design Office.
- Over 40 years of experience in building Unit system house development and facility management as a Representative and Owner in many large companies and corporations.
- Currently a Representative and Owner at KOH Co.,Ltd, responsible for Construction Project Consulting and Marketing Support for IT Companies.




Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

How does Sportofi run?

Unlike traditional sports betting, Sportofi is a decentralized Predict-to-Earn platform. Users bet against the automated bookkeeper system and win money from its pool. Sportofi offers users more transparency and security than other traditional betting platforms. Users will keep their money in their own e-wallet and the protocol of Sportofi is fully stored in the Smart Contracts which has no manual intervention, no possible human error or tampering.

The entire Predict-to-Earn process will run off of Smart Contracts. This means the platform never takes possession of users’ funds, ever. When users engage in a bet the wagered funds of them will be placed in a smart contract that is set to immediately release the funds upon completion of the event. Once the match is concluded, the contract immediately releases the funds to the winning player. No payout delays, users receive their money immediately.

Signing up is as easy as connecting your wallet! We don’t require any sensitive personal information or details. All you have to do is connect to the exchange using your MetaMask (or similar crypto) wallet. Follow a few simple prompts, and immediately have full access to everything Sportofi has to offer. Go from signup to earning in only a few minutes!

The Binance blockchain is the centrepiece of the Sportofi platform but the project can evolve to meet the demands of any upcoming chain that has demand for it.

You can reach us on Telegram, Twitter, Website, Discord, Linkedin or via email

What is SPORTO Token?

SPORTO is a utility token based on the ERC20 standard. All transactions on the Sportofi platform will be carried out in SPORTO. The Sportofi token will be freely tradable on major exchanges and is fully compatible with any e-wallets such as MetaMask.

SPORTOFI has a total supply of 2,000,000,000 Tokens with various lock-up periods spread over 4 to 36 months. As regular buybacks events happen or users lose the bet, the supply will continuously decrease as tokens are removed from circulation.
10% Team,
5% Advisors and Partners,
6% Angel Invetors and early VCs,
12% Strategic Investors,
2% Public Sale,
5% Liquidity and Listing,
10% Community Development,
50% Automated Bookkeeper System.

If you cannot see your SPORTO tokens in your wallet, please add a custom token to your wallet, using the following parameters:
Token Contract Address: updating
Token Symbol: SPORTO
Decimals: 18


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